December 11th, 2003: Joint VITESS and McStas Training Course and Workshop at ISIS

Thanks to an initiative by Dickon Champion, ISIS and our colleagues from VITESS, a Joint VITESS and McStas workshop and training course is beeing organised at ISIS on the 5th-6th February 2004.

Read more at the workshop website.

December 11th, 2003: Next McStas version early in 2004

The team is preparing release of the next McStas version (e.g. mcstas-1.8) early in 2004, hopefully in january.

More information regarding bugfixes and new features will be announced later here and on the mailing list.

June 3rd-4th: mcstas-1.7 tutorial at the ILL

On the 3rd and 4th of june, two McStas tutorials were held at the ILL. Emmanuel Farhi arranged the tutorial. Participants were ILL McStas users and Peter Willendrup from Risø.

The users had a lot of 'hands on' experience with the package, and also gave very good feedback to the McStas team. A number of bugs were found, which will be fixed in the oncomming update release.

May 22nd: mcstas-1.7 'known problems' page

As always, a newly released piece of software has minor problems and things to know. Check the known problems page for more info. In case you find problems apart from those listed, please report to McStas mailinglist or the McStas responsible.

May 20th: Release of mcstas-1.7!

Here it is! The new version, mcstas-1.7 is out. Get it from download.
Here is a few picks from the list of improvements: Consult the tested platforms page to check where McStas 1.7 has been built and tested. Submit your platform and experiences to


The McStas team

(Please note that the website is not fully up to date with the new version. Please refer to the documentation provided in the distribution packages.)

April 14th: Estimated release date of mcstas-1.7.

At the Prague SCANS meeting, the developers agreed to release the new version approximately mid may 2003! You may have a look at the slides from our SCANS presentation (links below) to get a glimpse of new features in the tools...

The only stuff we need to do before release is

The staus page has been updated accordingly.

April 14th: McStas developers participate in SCANS meeting.

On April 11th, Peter Willendrup and Emmanuel Farhi gave a talk on McStas at a meeting in the SCANS network. The slides are available in html and pdf format.

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