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McStas news items from 2000

(November 20, 2000) Announcement of Workshop

A McStas workshop will be organized at Risø 24-27/1 2001.

(November 20, 2000) New member of the McStas project

Per-Olof Åstrand will replace Kristian Nielsen from the 1/1 2001. 

(July 28, 2000) McStas v1.4 has been released

McStas version 1.4 has been released. See the file CHANGES for what is new in this release. 

(May 18, 2000) McStas v1.3 has been released

McStas version 1.3 has been released at the first SCANS meeting, held at the ILL. See the file CHANGES for what is new in this release. 

(March 6, 2000) New on-line component documentation

A new set of web pages containing documentation of the component library have been installed. These pages are generated automatically by a program called McDoc from component sources at both Risø and ILL and thus have a much better chance of being up-to-date than the previous manually built on-line documentation. 

(February 7, 2000) McStas v1.2 has been released

McStas version 1.2 has now been released. It is available from the download page

(February 7, 2000) New McStas tutorial available

A new tutorial on McStas is now available. It gives a gentle introduction to the use of McStas, and is intended as a quick help to get started for new users. 

(January 24, 2000) On-line copies of McStas publications now available

For a number of the papers on the publications page, links to on-line copies of the papers are now available. 
Last modified February 9, 2001 by Per-Olof Åstrand

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