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The Source_div_quasi Component

Quasi-stochastic neutron source with Gaussian or uniform divergence



A flat rectangular surface source with uniform or Gaussian divergence profile and focussing.
If the parametere gauss is not set (the default) the divergence profile is flat
in the range [-focus_ax,focus_ay]. If gauss is set, the focux_ax,focus_ay is considered
the standard deviation of the gaussian profile.
Currently focussing is only active for flat profile. The "focus window" is defined by focus_xw,focus_yh and dist.
The spectral intensity profile is uniformly distributed in the energy interval defined by e0+-dE/2 or
by wavelength lambda0+-dlambda/2

The phase space spanned by the generated neutrons is sampled by means of Halton-sequences, instead of regular
pseudo random numbers. This ensures that samples are evenly distributed within the phase space region of interest.

Example: Source_div_quasi(xwidth=0.1, yheight=0.1, focus_aw=2, focus_ah=2, E0=14, dE=2, gauss=0)



Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
spectrum_file File from which to read the spectral intensity profile""
xwidthmWidth of source0
yheightmHeight of source0
focus_xwmWidth of sampling window0
focus_yhmHeight of sampling window0
distmDownstream distance to place sampling target window0
focus_awradStd. dev. (Gaussian) or maximal (uniform) horz. width divergence0
focus_ahradStd. dev. (Gaussian) or maximal (uniform) vert. height divergence0
E0meVMean energy of neutrons.0
dEmeVEnergy spread of neutrons.0
lambda0AAMean wavelength of neutrons (only relevant for E0=0)0
dlambdaAAWavelength half spread of neutrons.0
flux1/(s*cm**2*st*energy unit)Flux per energy unit, Angs or meV0
gauss1Criterion: 0: uniform, 1: Gaussian distribution of energy/wavelength0
gauss_a1Criterion: 0: uniform, 1: Gaussian divergence distribution0
randomphase When=1, the X-ray phase is randomised1
phase Set to finite value to define X-ray phase (0:2 pi)0
verbose Generate more output on the console.1


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