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The templateSasView_Mantid Instrument

Test instrument for the SasView_model component generating event data for Mantid. No guide / velocity selector etc.



Very simple test instrument for the SasView_model component.

Modified to show a proof of concept method for storing a 'Mantid friendly' type of NeXus file.

Example: model_index=1 Ncount=1e6 par1=4 par2=1 par3=40 par4=20 par5=400 Detector: detector_I=5e6
Example: model_index=3 Ncount=1e6 par1=220 par2=0.06 par3=40 par4=4 par5=1 Detector: detector_I=3.3e4
Example: model_index=47 Ncount=1e6 par1=4 par2=2 par3=35 par4=75 par5=400 Detector: detector_I=2.5e6

Needed steps (McStas):
1) Compile your instrument with NeXus library and ISO c99 support
2) Generate an IDF using mcdisplay templateSANS_Mantid --format=Mantid -n0
3) mcrun templateSasView_Mantid -n1e6 --format=NeXus

Needed steps (Mantid):
a) Load McStas NeXus file
b) Run Mantid algorithm: 'ConvertUnits' using the 'wavelenth' and 'elastic' options
c) Run Mantid algorithm: 'Qxy' using the options 'MaxQxy=0.6', 'DeltaQ=0.003', 'SolidAngleWeighting=False'

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
lambdaAAMean wavelength of neutrons6
dlambdaAAWavelength spread of neutrons0.05
model_index SASmodels model index (see SasView_model.comp mcdoc page)47
par1 Slot 1 in SASmodel parameter vector0
par2 Slot 2 in SASmodel parameter vector0
par3 Slot 3 in SASmodel parameter vector0
par4 Slot 4 in SASmodel parameter vector0
par5 Slot 5 in SASmodel parameter vector0
par6 Slot 6 in SASmodel parameter vector0
par7 Slot 7 in SASmodel parameter vector0
par8 Slot 8 in SASmodel parameter vector0


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