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The test_SSW_SSR Instrument

Test instrument for SSW/SSR interface between McStas and MCNP



This instrument draws neutron events from a Source Surface file created using the
MCNP Monte Carlo code and converts them to make them suitable for a McStas simulation.
Assumes a file called 'rssa' is present in the run dir (or a symbolic link to a file).
To produce 'rssa' file a MCNP simualtion must by run, using a SSW card. See 'MCNP_test_write'
in the /examples
After passing a slit at z=2m, events are written to the same format

Note that axes orientation may be different between MCNP and McStas!
Note also that the conversion of between McStas and MCNP units and parameters
is done automatically by this component - but the user must ensure that
geometry description matches between the two Monte Carlo codes.

The verbose mode is highly recommended as it displays lots of useful informations.

This interface uses the MCNP Source Surface Read/Write format (SSW/SSR).
Infomation transfer from(to) SSW files proceeds via a set of Fortran modules
and subroutines collected in "subs.f"
For succesful compilation, it is required that these subroutines are compiled
and linked to the instrument file:


"mcstas SSRSSW_test.instr" gives: SSRSSW_test.c
"gfortran -c subs.f" gives:  subs.f
"gcc -o runme.out SSRSSW_test.c subs.o -lm -lgfortran" gives: runme.out
"./runme.out" runs the simulation example

Note that this requires a fortran compiler (here gfortran) and gcc.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.


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