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The SE_example Instrument

Mockup of transmission Spin-Echo, written for PNCMI 2010 school in Delft.



This instrument shows the use of essential McStas polarisation components, including Pol_mirror, Pol_Bfield and MeanPolLambda_monitor.

Pol_mirror is used to polarize and analyze the incoming and scattered beams.
Pol_Bfield is used to define guidefields and flippers.
MeanPolLambda_montior is used to monitor beam polarisation.

Example: mcrun SE_example.instr dBz=-0.0001,0.0001 -N41 -n1e5

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
POL_ANGLEdegReflection angle of polarizer/analyzer2
SAMPLE1Flag to include (0) or exclude incoherent scatterer0
BguideTField magnitude in guide fields0.1
BflipTMagnitude of flipper fields,3e-4
dBzTMagnitude field perturbation in first guide field0
LamAngstromMean wavelength of neutrons emitted from source8
dLamAngstromWavelength spread of neutrons emitted from source0.8


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