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The Foil_flipper_magnet Component



A magnet with a spin-flip foil inside

This component models a magnet with a constant magnetic field and a slanted
magnetized foil inside acting as a spin-flipper. This arrangement may be used to
target the geometry of a Spin-Echo SANS instrument (Rekveldt, NIMB, 1997 || Rekveldt, Rev Sci Instr. 2005).
In its most basic form a SE-SANS instrument nrelies  on inclined field regions of
constant magnetic field, which can be difficult to realize. Instead it is possible to emulate
such regions using a magnetized foil.

In this component th emagntzied foil is modelled as a canted (by the angle phi) mathematical plane inside a region
of constant magnetic field of dimensions (xwidth,yheight,zdepth). Furthermore, exponetially decaying stray fields from
the constant field region may be specified by giving parameters (Bxwidth,Byheight,Bzdepth) > (xwidth,yheight,zdepth).

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
stray_field Toggle for modelling of stray fields.1
xwidthmwidth of the magnet
yheightmheight of the magnet
zdepthmthickness of the magnet
Bxwidthmwidth of the B-field of thev component-1
Byheightmheight of the B-field of the component-1
Bzdepthmthickness of the B-field of the component-1
phirdangle (from the xz-plane) of the foil-spinflipper inside the magnet0.0
foilthickumThickness of the magnetized foil0.0
BxTParameter used for x composant of field.
ByTParameter used for y composant of field.
BzTParameter used for z composant of field.
foil_in Toggle for optional foil in the flipper.1
verbose Toggle verbose mode0


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