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McStas: Union_logger_3D_space

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The Union_logger_3D_space Component

Three dimensional logger for spatial dimensions


  • Site:
  • Author: Mads Bertelsen
  • Origin: University of Copenhagen
  • Date: 20.08.15


Part of the Union components, a set of components that work together and thus
sperates geometry and physics within McStas.
The use of this component requires other components to be used.

1) One specifies a number of processes using process components
2) These are gathered into material definitions using Union_make_material
3) Geometries are placed using Union_box/cylinder/sphere, assigned a material
4) A Union_master component placed after all of the above

Only in step 4 will any simulation happen, and per default all geometries
defined before this master, but after the previous will be simulated here.

There is a dedicated manual available for the Union_components

This logger logs a 2D projection of the position of each scattering in the lab
frame. It does this in n3 space slices, so one can get a full 3D histogram of
scattering positions.

A logger will log something for scattering events happening to certain volumes,
which are specified in the target_geometry string. By leaving it blank, all
geometries are logged, even the ones not defined at this point in the
instrument file. If a list og target_geometries is selected, one can further
narrow the events logged by providing a list of process names in target_process
which need to correspond with names of defined Union_process components.

To use the logger_conditional_extend function, set it to some integer value n
and make and extend section to the master component that runs the geometry.
In this extend function, logger_conditional_extend[n] is 1 if the conditional
stack evaluated to true, 0 if not. This way one can check what rays is logged
using regular McStas monitors. Only works if a conditional is applied to this

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
target_geometrystringComma seperated list of geometry names that will be logged, leave empty for all volumes (even not defined yet)"NULL"
target_processstringComma seperated names of physical processes, if volumes are selected, one can select Union_process names"NULL"
D1_minmhistogram boundery, min position value for first axis-1
D1_maxmhistogram boundery, max position value for first axis1
D2_minmhistogram boundery, min position value for second axis-1
D2_maxmhistogram boundery, max position value for second axis1
D3_minmhistogram boundery, min position value for third axis-1
D3_maxmhistogram boundery, max position value for third axis1
D_direction_1stringDirection for first axis ("x", "y" or "z")"x"
D_direction_2stringDirection for second axis ("x", "y" or "z")"z"
D_direction_3stringDirection for second axis ("x", "y" or "z")"z"
filenamestringFilename of produced data file"NULL"
n11number of bins for first axis90
n21number of bins for second axis90
n31number of bins for third axis10
order_total1Only log rays that scatter for the n'th time, 0 for all orders0
order_volume1Only log rays that scatter for the n'th time in the same geometry0
order_volume_process1Only log rays that scatter for the n'th time in the same geometry, using the same process0
logger_conditional_extend_index1If a conditional is used with this logger, the result of each conditional calculation can be made available in extend as a array called "logger_conditional_extend", and one would then acces logger_conditional_extend[n] if logger_conditional_extend_index is set to n-1
initstringname of Union_init component (typically "init", default)"init"


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