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McStas: Res_monitor

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The Res_monitor Component

Monitor for resolution calculations


  • Site:
  • Author: Kristian Nielsen
  • Origin: Risoe
  • Date: 1999


A single detector/monitor, used together with the Res_sample component to
compute instrument resolution functions. Outputs a list of neutron
scattering events in the sample along with their intensities in the
detector. The output file may be analyzed with the mcresplot front-end.

Example: Res_monitor(filename="Output.res", res_sample_comp=RSample, xmin=-0.1, xmax=0.1, ymin=-0.1, ymax=0.1)

Setting the monitor geometry.
The optional parameter 'options' may be set as a string with the
following keywords. Default is rectangular ('square'):
box                       Box of size xwidth, yheight, zdepth
cylinder                  To get a cylindrical monitor (diameter is xwidth, height is yheight).
banana                    Same as cylinder, without top/bottom, on restricted angular area
disk                      Disk flat xy monitor. diameter is xwidth.
sphrere                   To get a spherical monitor (e.g. a 4PI) (diameter is xwidth).
square                    Square flat xy monitor (xwidth, yheight)

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
res_sample_compno quotesName of Res_sample component in the instrument definition
filenamestringName of output file. If unset, use automatic name0
optionsstrString that specifies the geometry of the monitor0
xwidthmWidth/diameter of detector.1
yheightmHeight of detector.1
zdepthmThichness of detector0
radiusmRadius of sphere/cylinder monitor0
xminmLower x bound of detector opening0
xmaxmUpper x bound of detector opening0
yminmLower y bound of detector opening0
ymaxmUpper y bound of detector opening0
zminmLower z bound of detector opening0
zmaxmUpper z bound of detector opening0
bufsize1Number of events to store. Use 0 to store all0
restore_neutron1If set, the monitor does not influence the neutron state0
live_calc1If set, the monitor directly outputs the resolution matrix1


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Links ]

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