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McStas: Union_single_crystal_validation

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The Union_single_crystal_validation Instrument


  • Site: Union_demos
  • Author: Mads Bertelsen
  • Origin: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
  • Date: May 2016


Validation of Union single crystal against standard single_crystal.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
comp_select11: Union components, 2: Single crystal1
material_data_filestringSample material defintion"YBaCuO.lau"
sigma_incbarnsSample incoherent cross-section2.105
my_absorption_unionm^-1Sample mass-absorption coefficient8.55
delta_d_dSample latttice spacing variation1e-4
mosaicarcminSample mosaicity5
lam0AASource mean wavelength7
dlamAASource wavelength spread5
xwidthmSample x-dimension0.01
yheightmSample y-dimension0.01
zdepthmSample z-dimension0.01
unit_cell_volumeAASample unit cell volume173.28
sigma_abs_scbanrsSample absorption cross-section0
sigma_incbarnsSample incoherent cross-section2.105
x_rotation_geometrydegRotates union geometry component around x0
y_rotation_geometrydegRotates union geometry component around y0
x_rotation_geometry_refdegRotates reference component around x0
y_rotation_geometry_refdegRotates reference component around y0
x_rotation_processdegRotates crystal process (crystal orientation), x0
y_rotation_processdegRotates crystal process (crystal orientation), y0
geometry_interactdegRotates crystal process (crystal orientation), z0
PG Sample PG-mode0
powderSample powder-mode0


  • Source code for Union_single_crystal_validation.instr.

[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Links ]

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