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McStas: test_SasView_bcc_paracrystal

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The test_SasView_bcc_paracrystal Instrument

Test instrument for the SasView bcc_paracrystal model component as sample description.


  • Site: Templates
  • Author: Jose Robledo
  • Origin: FZJ / DTU / ESS DMSC
  • Date:


Very simple test instrument for the SasView_bcc_paracrystal component

Example: model_scale=1 Detector: detector_I=83.8252

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
lambdaAAMean wavelength of neutrons.6
dlambdaAAWavelength spread of neutrons.0.05
dnn([-inf, inf]) Nearest neighbour distance.220
d_factor([-inf, inf]) Paracrystal distortion factor.0.06
radius([0, inf]) Particle radius.40
sld([-inf, inf]) Particle scattering length density.4
sld_solvent([-inf, inf]) Solvent scattering length density.1
model_scale Global scale factor for scattering kernel. For systems without inter-particle interference, the form factors can be related to the scattering intensity by the particle volume fraction.1.0
model_abs Absorption cross section density at 2200 m/s.0.0
xwidthm([-inf, inf]) Horiz. dimension of sample, as a width.0.01
yheightm([-inf, inf]) vert . dimension of sample, as a height for cylinder/box0.01
zdepthm([-inf, inf]) depth of sample0.005
RmOuter radius of sample in (x,z) plane for cylinder/sphere.0
target_index Relative index of component to focus at, e.g. next is +1.1
target_xmrelative focus target position.0
target_ymrelative focus target position.0
target_zmrelative focus target position.1
focus_xwmhoriz. dimension of a rectangular area.0.5
focus_yhm, vert. dimension of a rectangular area.0.5
focus_awdeg, horiz. angular dimension of a rectangular area.0
focus_ahdeg, vert. angular dimension of a rectangular area.0


  • Source code for Test_SasView_bcc_paracrystal_aniso.instr.

[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Links ]

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