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McStas: Test_Magnon_bcc_TAS

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The Test_Magnon_bcc_TAS Instrument

Generic TAS instrument for test of samples with dispersions.


  • Site: Tests_samples
  • Author: Kim Lefmann (
  • Origin: UCPH
  • Date: 22.07.2018


Generic TAS instrument for test of samples with dispersions. Modeled over the RITA-2 instrument at PSI (one analyzer only). The instrument is able to position in q-space at q=(h 0 0) and fixed Ei and Ef. This can be used to longitudinal constant-E scans or constant-q scans. In addition, transverse constant-E scans can be made by scanning the sample orientation A3.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
hwmeVNeutron energy transfer0.5
EfmeVFinal neutron energy5
A3offsetdegsample rotation around a vertical axis0
A3auto1Flag for selecting automatic setting of A3 to have q-vector along [h 0 0] (0=manual; 1=auto)1
aaAAlattice parameter for cubic system (passed on to the sample component)4.5
qh1Length of the q-vector in r.l.u., sets the value of scattering angle A4. If A3auto=1, then A3 is set to q=[qh 0 0]1.1
highres1Flag for setting unrealistic high resolution (used for fine testing) (0=standard TAS / RITA2; 1=high resolution TAS)0
sample_JmeVNearest Neighbor magnetic interaction in sample0.2
FerroMagnet Flag: 1 if ferromagnet, 0 if AFM0
Verbose1Flag for printing of test statements from magnon component (0=silent, 1=print)0


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Links ]

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