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McStas: ILL_H5_new

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The ILL_H5_new Instrument

The full H5 new cold guide at the ILL, with ThALES, D16, Super-Adam, IN15 (sample only), D22WASP and CryoEDM This is a proposed geometry for major H5 guide hall upgrade (since 2013). The exact adopted H5 geometry may be actually different.


  • Site: ILL
  • Author: FARHI Emmanuel (
  • Origin: ILL
  • Date: May, 2011


This model decribes the full new H5 cold guide at the ILL, with ThALES, WASP, D16,
Super-Adam, IN15, D22.

H511:The IN15 Spin-echo spectrometer
is simulated with an incoming polarized beam, but not with a full spin-echo
description. Sample is Vanadium
H512:The D22 Large dynamic range small-angle diffractometer
is fully simulated
H521:The D16 Small momentum transfer diffractometer D16 is realistic
H521:The SuperADAM reflectometer is used in low angle diffraction mode.
H522: The WASP Spin-echo spectrometer
is simulated with an incoming polarized beam, but not with a full spin-echo
description. Sample is Vanadium
H523:The CryoEDM with its polarized beam
H53: The ThALES Cold neutron three-axis spectrometer IN14

For each instrument, a sample can be specified (liquid/powder/amorphous),
with monitoring of the scattering in angular (diffraction) and energy modes
(for spectroscopy).

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
lambdacentral wavelength band for guide illumination [Angs]5
dlambdahalf width of guide wavelength band [Angs]4.5
ThALES_lambdaThALES monochromator setting wavelength. Usual 2.4 and 4.2 [Angs]4.2
WASP_lambdaIN16 monochromator setting wavelength. Usual 3.3 and 6.3 [Angs]6.3
D16_lambdaD16 monochromator setting wavelength. Usual 4.7 and 5.6 [Angs]5.6
SADAM_lambdaSuperADAM monochromator setting wavelength. Usual 4.4 [Angs]4.4
IN15_lambdaIN15 velocity selector setting wavelength [Angs]6.5
D22_lambdaD22 velocity selector setting wavelength [Angs]4.5
D22_collimationD22 collimation length and sample-detector distance [m]2
ThALES_sampleThALES liquid/powder/amorphous sample [string]"Rb_liq_coh.sqw"
D16_sampleD16 liquid/powder/amorphous sample [string]"H2O_liq.qSq"
SADAM_sampleSuperADAM liquid/powder/amorphous sample [string]"SiO2_quartza.laz"
D22_sampleD22 liquid/powder/amorphous sample [string]"H2O_liq.qSq"


  • Source code for ILL_H5_new.instr.
  • The NoteDPT11 at the ILL
  • The DPT/SMAE 11/070 WASP design report
  • The DPT/SMAE 10/271 H5 design report
  • Daily notes from K. Andersen about the H5 project
  • Mirotron drawing MR-0656-000 for the IN15 V-mirror geometry

[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Links ]

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