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McStas: ESS_Testbeamline_HZB_V20

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The ESS_Testbeamline_HZB_V20 Instrument

McStas model of the ESS testbeamline V20 at HZB in Berlin



McStas model of the ESS testbeamline V20 at HZB in Berlin. Please note that not
all geometrical sizes, distances and parameters have been fully validated.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
lambda_minAAMinimum wavelength emitted by the source1
lambda_maxAAMaximum wavelength emitted by the source15
frequencyHzFrequency of the choppers14
Choppers_WFM1_in1Flag to indicate if WFM1 is active1
Choppers_WFM2_in1Flag to indicate if WFM2 is active1
Choppers_FOC1_in1Flag to indicate if FOC1 is active1
Choppers_FOC2_in1Flag to indicate if FOC2 is active1
s1_xmslit 1 width0.05
s1_ymslit 1 height0.1
s2_xmslit 1 width0.02
s2_ymslit 1 height0.04
s3_xmslit 1 width0.0138
s3_ymslit 1 height0.033
Offset_deg_SC1degPhase source chopper phase disk 10
Offset_deg_SC2degPhase source chopper phase disk 20
Offset_deg_BC1degPhase bandwidth chopper phase disk 1-25
Offset_deg_BC2degPhase bandwidth chopper phase disk 257
Offset_deg_WFM1degPhase wavelength frame maltiplication chopper disk 147.1
Offset_deg_WFM2degPhase wavelength frame maltiplication chopper disk 276.76
Offset_deg_FOC1degPhase frame overlap chopper disk 162.4
Offset_deg_FOC2degPhase frame overlap chopper disk 212.27
ZmDistance between to Wavelength frame multiplication chopper disks 0.1 - 0.50.28
spmsample position50.6
npulses1Number of pulses to simulate1
emulate_reactor_emmision1Flag to emulate all emission times from the reactor0


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Links ]

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