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The Test_FocalisationMirrors Instrument

Test instrument for neutron focalisation with a set of supermirrors. No guide / velocity selector One parabolic SM converges the incoming beam to its focal point, then one elliptic SM (with primary focal point at same location as parabolic SM focal point) images the focal point onto the detector.



Test instrument for the MirrorElli and MirrorPara components

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
QminAA^-1Minimum momentum transfer on the detector.0001
G1Ratio of the mirror focal length = increase in accepted divergence angle1
HmHeight of mirrors.0001
FmParabolic focal.00066
DETmDistance between the two elliptic focal points8.2
lambdaAAMean wavelength of neutrons14
divergencedegSource divergence.1
BeamWidthmLength of the source to focalize.05
TetaMindegMinimum angle that must be reflected by the device assuming m=3 SM (TetaMin=3 for 5A and above neutron)3


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