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The ILL_IN5 Instrument



The IN5@ILL TOF spectrometer from chopper system to final detector, with sample.
The detector model includes Fe housing and tube cross talk absorbing masks
with angle restriction (neutrons that scatter in Fe in front of a tube and
enter a different tube are absorbed). This model does not include the H16 guide.

Example: lambda=4.5 Detector: Det_PSD_I=1.3e6

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
lambdaAAmean incident wavelength4.5
dlambdaAAwavelength half width.0.05
speedrpmchopper speed (60*frequency)8500
ratio1velocity of chopper3 = velocity of chopper1 * ratio0.5
housingstringmaterial used as detector housing. Use 0 or NULL for none."Fe.laz"
cohstringsample coherent data file or NULL. Use powder LAZ/LAU or SQW file."Y3Fe5O12_YIG.laz"
incstringsample incoherent Sqw data file or NULL"NULL"
thicknessmthickness of sample. 0=filled0
heightmheight of sample. 0=sphere0.025
radiusmradius of sample (outer).0.005
order1order for scattering in sample. O=all, 1=single0
wspotmeVenergy of dirac resolution spots1
ttspotdegdirection of dirac resolution spots45
nspots1number of direc resolution spots0
RESO1flag to indicate constant Q-e dirac grid ala IN4 model1


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