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The Histogrammer Instrument

Takes eventfile input (Virtual_input/Vitess/MCNP/Tripoli4 formats) and applies Monitor_nD to generate histograms. Histograms can be chosen freely using the options string, see mcdoc Monitor_nD.comp



Takes any possible  McStas eventfile inputs (Virtual_input/Vitess/MCNP/Tripoli4 formats) and applies
Monitor_nD to generate user-selectable neutron histograms.

Example: mcrun Histogrammer.instr MODE=0
- Gives information on the input parameters

Example: mcrun Histogrammer.instr filename="events.dat" MODE=1 options="sphere theta phi outgoing previous" type="text"
- Reads a Virtual_output generated event file and applies a spherical PSD

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
filenamestringSpecifies input event file0
MODEintInput file mode/format - 0 for help on usage 1=McStas,2=Vitess,3=MCNP,4=Tripoli40
optionsstringSpecifies the histogramming rules used by Monitor_nD. It MUST contain the 'previous' word - see mcdoc page"sphere theta phi outgoing previous"
typestringVirtual_input event files, 'type' parameter(text/float/double) - see mcdoc page"text"
bufsizeintVitess_input 'buffersize' parameter - see mcdoc page10000
xwidthmHorizontal width of detector, or diameter for banana,cylinder and shpere geometry0.1
yheightmVertical height of detector, for plate, cylinder, banana shape0.1


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