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The Guide_shieldinglogger Component

to the m-value of the coating or to -1 if missed the guide opening Neutron guide.



Models a rectangular guide tube centered on the Z axis. The entrance lies
in the X-Y plane.
For details on the geometry calculation see the description in the McStas
reference manual.
The reflectivity profile may either use an analytical mode (see Component
Manual) or a 2-columns reflectivity free text file with format
[q(Angs-1) R(0-1)].

Example: Guide(w1=0.1, h1=0.1, w2=0.1, h2=0.1, l=2.0, R0=0.99, Qc=0.021, alpha=6.07, m=2, W=0.003

May 2005: extensive internal test, no bugs found
Validated by: K. Lieutenant

This component does not work with gravitation on. Use component Guide_gravity then.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
reflectstrReflectivity file name. Format 0
w1mWidth at the guide entry
h1mHeight at the guide entry
w2mWidth at the guide exit0
h2mHeight at the guide exit0
lmlength of guide
R01Low-angle reflectivity0.99
QcAA-1Critical scattering vector0.0219
alphaAASlope of reflectivity6.07
m1m-value of material. Zero means completely absorbing. glass/SiO2 Si Ni Ni58 supermirror Be Diamond m= 0.65 0.47 1 1.18 2-6 1.01 1.122
WAA-1Width of supermirror cut-off0.003


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