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The PSI_DMC Instrument

McStas model of the DMC powder diffractometer at PSI, CH.


  • Site: PSI
  • Author: Peter Willendrup (Risoe), Uwe Filges (PSI), Lukas Keller (PSI)
  • Origin: PSI
  • Date: May 7th, 2008


McStas model of the DMC powder diffractometer at PSI, CH.

Please note that this instrument file does not include the radial collimator of DMC.
To generate the full 800-bin angle coverage at DMC, you should combine two simulations
using this instrumentfile, with SHIFT=0 and 0.1. This will displace the detector by half
a bin-width, which is a standard procedure at the DMC diffractometer

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
lambdaAAChoice of wavelength, affects both monochromator and source component2.5666
R1Reflectivity of non-curved guides0.87
R_curve1Reflectivity of curved guides0.87
filenamestrChoice of reflection list file, e.g. from McStas data dir"Na2Ca3Al2F14.laz"
D_PHIdegFocusing 'd_phi' for PowderN, see mcdoc page6
SHIFTdegRotation of detector, set to 0.1 to displace by half a bin0
PACK1Powder packing factor0.7
Dw1Powder Debye-Waller factor0.8
BARNS1Flag to define if powder reflection file |F2| is in Barns or fm1


  • Source code for PSI_DMC_simple.instr.
  • The PSI Monte-Carlo website.
  • P Willendrup, U Filges, L Keller, E Farhi, K Lefmann: Validation of a realistic powder sample using data from DMC at PSI, ICNS 2005 (Physica B, 386, (2006), 1032.)

[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Links ]

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