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McStas: ILL_H53_D16

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The ILL_H53_D16 Instrument

The D16 diffractometer/reflectometer on the H53 curved cold guide at the ILL


  • Site: ILL
  • Author: FARHI Emmanuel (
  • Origin: ILL
  • Date: Oct 7, 2008


The H53 (120 x 60 mm2) curved cold guide feeds D16 (after IN14, and IN16).
D16 is a two-circle diffractometer. The primary white beam is reflected by a
focussing pyrolytic graphite monochromator (122 x 60 mm2 with mosaicity 0.7
deg) providing an important flux at the sample. The monochromator housing has
two beam holes at take-off angles of 90 deg and 115 deg, corresponding to 4.7
Angs and 5.6 Angs beams and incorporates the slit systems.

Example: m=1.2 Detector: Det_psd_I=6.4729E+03

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
lambdaAngsWavelength at monochromator, computed from DM and THETA_M if left as 0.4.7
DMAngsd-spacing of monochromator, computed from lambda and THETA_M if left as 0.3.355
dlambdaAAwavelength half width.0.05
PowderstrFile name for powder description."Na2Ca3Al2F14.laz"
RVmMonochromator vertical curvature, 0 for flat, -1 for automatic setting-1
L1mGuide-Monochromator distance0.1
L2mMonochromator-Sample distance2.8
L3mSample-Detector distance1.0
THETA_MdegMonochromator take-off angle, computed from lambda and DM if left as 0.44.46
TwoThetadegDetector rotation (in plane)0
RadiusDetmDetector entrance window radius0.36
DetEthickmDetector entrance window thickness.01
DetEgapmDetector entrance window gap to flat detector inner window0.08
DetVthickmDetector active volume thickness5e-3
verbose1Print DIF configuration. 0 to be quiet1
TILTdegMonochromator additional tilt, for rocking curves0


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Links ]

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