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McStas: ESS_BIFROST_shielding

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The ESS_BIFROST_shielding Instrument

Model of the ESS BIFROST instrument that illustrates the use of the "shielding-logger" components


  • Site: ESS
  • Author: Rodion Kolevatov, IFE
  • Origin: IFE
  • Date: 2020/01


This model of the ESS BIFROST instrument illustrates the use of the "shielding-logger"
components, as described in the publications, and

An important note from the author:
Please note that the included Shielding- and Dose- calculators will only give sensible for guides with
borosilicate glass substrate. If the substrate is, e.g. copper, the dose rates from neutrons transmitted
through the coating and captured in the substrate will overshoot the coating contribution significantly,
so that shielding has to be enforced by few tens of centimeters of concrete.

Example: ESS_BIFROST_shielding.instr WaveMin=1

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
WaveMinAAMinimum wavelength from moderator1
WaveMaxAAMaximum wavelength from moderator10
E_0meVLowest energy in wavelength band - used for chopper settings4.0
L_0AAAlternative: highest wavelength in wavelength band - used for chopper settings0
chopPulseOpeningsOpening time of pulse shapping chopper0.004
DivSlit0_widthmOpening of Divergence Slit nr 00.1
DivSlit1_widthmOpening of Divergence Slit nr 10.1
DivSlit2_widthmOpening of Divergence Slit nr 20.1
DivSlit3_widthmOpening of Divergence Slit nr 30.1
Npulse1Number of pulses to produce at the source1
print1Bolean flag to print values of interest for debugging. mcdisplay does not work when this is set to 10
makeVirtualSource1Bolean flag to save all neutrons to virtual source file0
printMValues1Bolean flag to indicate that M-values should be printed0
powerMWESS accelerator power5.0
BWopendegBandwidth-chopper opening angle - unused161


[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Links ]

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