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McStas: Elliptic_guide_gravity_shieldinglogger

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The Elliptic_guide_gravity_shieldinglogger Component

to the m-value of the coating or to -1 if missed the guide opening Perfect elliptic guide which allow for simulations with gravity. The guide mirrors can be divided into segments with individual m-values. Parabolic guide components can also be simulated.


  • Site:
  • Author: Henrik Bo Hoffmann Carlsen and Mads Bertelsen
  • Origin: NBI
  • Date: 27 Aug 2012


The perfect elliptic guide is centered along the z-axis with the entrance
and exit in the xy-plane. The horizontal and vertical ellipses defining
the guide geometry is by default set by two focal points.
These are placed a distance away from the guide openings along the z-axis;
if distance given is positive, when the focal point is outside the guide.

Multiple options for defining these ellipse exist including approximation of
parabolas and half ellipses (mid point of the ellipse or one of the guide openings)

The guide coating parameters can be set for each side of the guide.
Furthermore the m-value can be specified for user defined segments
of the guide.

Input parameters

Parameters in boldface are required; the others are optional.
mvaluesright(pointer) Pointer to array of m-values, right mirrorNULL
mvaluesleft(pointer) - same, left mirrorNULL
mvaluestop(pointer) - same, top mirrorNULL
mvaluesbottom(pointer) - same, bottom mirrorNULL
seglength(pointer) Pointer to array of segment lengths for discrete mirror descriptionNULL


  • Source code for Elliptic_guide_gravity_shieldinglogger.comp.

[ Identification | Description | Input parameters | Links ]

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